This highly topical programme offers a concise lunchtime- or afternoon-length recital of 65’ duration with chant and polyphony in honour of St Ethelbert, king and martyr, and the Blessed Virgin Mary, with some music also for Thomas of Hereford (Cantilupe). It can also be offered in an evening concert format (50’ and 45’ with interval), to include two more English motets, some extra items of chant, and also sections of the Missa Ayo visto la mappamundi of Johannes Cornago. If desired and technically feasible, the cathedral bells could be used to give a sonic frame for the programme. If desired, too, copies of the chant could be supplied (with or without organ accompaniment) for the use of the cathedral choir, or indeed for an Evensong (alternatively Vespers-plus-Compline).



Te Deum(plainchant and faburden)

Leonel Power, Gloria [Old Hall MS.]

Chant: Ave maris stella

Power, Ave Regina celorum

Plainchant and Office hymn for St Ethelbert: Hereford Breviary [with faburdens]

Chant fragments for Thomas of Hereford [AH, Bodl., Gloucester Record Office]

Benet, Salve, Thoma [for Thomas of Hereford]


Office Hymn [with faburdens]

Magnificat in polyphony (with antiphon for St Ethelbert)

Plainchant: Ave Regina celorum

Dunstaple, Gaude virgo [BVM]